Have You Been Wondering What Are the Best Shoes for Standing All Day?

If you have a job where you are required to stand all day, you need to protect your feet with the best shoes for standing all day. Without the right shoes, you may experience extreme foot pain at the end of each day, painful blisters or even bunions. This discomfort can affect your output at work, or simply result in you feeling permanently miserable.

In the worst case scenario, standing in the wrong shoes all day long can affect your health, causing issues with your joints or back. To cut down these risks, as well a whole host of other risks, this guide provides you with a detailed review of the best shoes for standing all day. As you get ready to go out and make a worthy purchase, here are some points that will offer you guidance: –

The Material

The material that your shoe is made from is important, as the shape and size of your foot will change slightly through the course of the day. You need a material that is malleable and able to accommodate these changes with ease. The best material, whether you are standing, or walking the entire day, is leather. In addition to being malleable, leather is also comfortable and light, which takes away pressure from your foot. Furthermore, leather allows your feet to breath, thus discouraging sweating and that uncomfortable feeling of squishiness. Leather is highly durable, so you can expect that if your purchase good quality leather shoes, you can use them for years without any issues.

Foot Securing

For added comfort and ease of use, the best shoes for standing all day need to secure your foot well. This means that you should not worry about your shoes slipping on or off your foot as you are walking during busy periods at work. A shoe that does not secure your feet will cause tension on your foot muscles, which can also result in aching ankles at the end of the day. Shoes that have laces and straps are recommended, as they help to secure the foot with ease. In addition, the shoes need to be the right size.

Heel and Arch Support

A particularly important attribute of the best shoe for standing all day is one that provides you with the appropriate heel and arch support. People who have flat feet require a shoe that has limited cushioning and a zero drop so that they are able to remain comfortable through the day. In contrast, those with high arches need shoes with extra cushioning and an elevated heel so that they can be comfortable. Elevated heels are not the same as high heels, which if worn for hours at a time can result in painful feet and back problems. Elevated heels may be a one inch raised heel along the entire sole, which is essential for controlling the pressure on the feet, as well as the prevention of plantar fascia. The right heel and arch support will ensure that you can start and end your day in comfort, without experiencing any unpleasant sensations from your feet.

The Shoe Width

Consider the width of your feet, to determine whether your feet are wide or narrow. A shoe that is the right width will ensure you remain comfortable. Choose a shoe that is too narrow and at the end of the day, your toes will be in severe pain. With a shoe that is too wide, you run the risk of developing large and painful blisters. The best shoes for standing all day are often athletic shoes, as they have room to accommodate wide feet, or cover narrow feet well. They are also an excellent depth to wear for hours at a time.

Show Padding

When you think of the pressure that you place on your foot the entire day, you need to go for a shoe that has a good amount of padding. This in turn will ensure that your feet have excellent support. This cuts out casual and dress shoes from those that you would wear the entire day. Instead, you may opt for shoes that can incorporate gel inserts so that you can elevate your comfort.


With these points in mind, you can now make an informed decision for a super comfortable shoe that you can wear for hours at a time, which will also seamlessly fit into your work routine. Some more tips to consider before you make your final decision include: –

  1. In as much as looks matter when you are shopping for shoes, you will have to put your comfort first. Once you find a design or type of shoe that you can be comfortable in, you can begin to seek for variations that will fulfill your fashion and style needs.
  2. When searching for the best shoes for standing all day, cost should not be a hindering factor. For the sake of your feet, always go for high quality shoes and ensure that they are fitting you perfectly. High quality shoes are more comfortable than poor quality shoes and high quality material feel more pleasant than those of lesser quality.
  • Shoes with padded insoles are a better choice as well as those with a strong arch support.
  1. The shoes you choose should give enough room for your feet to spread easily throughout the day.
  2. You can go for a shoe with a heel though it should not go beyond 2 inches high to avoid tiring the feet.
  3. A well ventilated shoe will always be the perfect choice, therefore, the style and material you select should allow your feet to breathe easily.


Top 5 Best Shoes for Standing

1- Drew Shoe Men’s Gabriel Slip-On Clog

This is a perfectly comfortable shoe for men working on their feet the whole day. You would expect a clog to feel clunky and heavy, but this show is lightweight and comfortable, offering excellent support for both the feet and the back.
It also has the advantage of being a great looking shoe, which is excellent for a man that does not want to compromise when it comes to style over comfort, as this shoe has it all. The Drew Shoe Men’s Gabriel Slip-On Clog is also a perfect indication of exceptional quality, wrapped in a simple looking exterior with a divinely comfortable interior.

The slightly elevated heel offer great stability and support, making it possible to stand in this heel the entire day without experiencing any strain. In addition to being suitable for extended periods standing, it is also comfortable to walk in, and durable enough to be used for years, on a daily basis. It includes two removable foot beds that absorb moisture and ensure that your feet are dry the whole day. Its final feature is it is very easy to clean.

2- Alegria The Chairman Slip-On

The name of this shoe aptly describes what you can expect, as it stand out for excellent looks and ease to wear. With a stain resistant, highly durable, upper leather, this shoe offers excellent comfort for standing in the entire day. Once it is on, there is a noticeable strength in its structure, as well as incredible support, both from the bottom and the top of the shoe.

The lining of the shoe has been designed with moisture absorption as a priority, to ensure that in any conditions, the feet remain dry for the entire day. The shoe is also meant to be snug, rather than tight, to avoid the possibility of it slipping off in the event that one has to walk around.

The sole of the Alegria The Chairman Slip-on is non-marking, ideal for walking and standing on the most polished surfaces, as well as slip-resistant, an added aspect of safety that gives the wearer peace of mind in the event that sudden or rapid movements must be made. All this ensure that the shoe does not contribute to any disturbance or discomfort to a person working while standing for the entire day, the ideal scenario for the busy man.

3- Magnum Men’s Response II 8” Side-Zip Boot

As a boot, this shoe goes a mile further in regards to the safety and protection it offers for a person standing all day. To begin with, it offers full protection for the foot and ankles, an excellent feature for people who are working in dangerous environments. Furthermore, it is abrasion resistant, an attribute of durability that ensures it continues to look good, even when it is being used for the toughest of jobs.

It is a boot that offers men excellent support, whether their jobs keep them indoors or outdoors. Being a boot, one may believe that it is difficult to take on or off, but this is far from the reality. Slipping it on is simple, as it is lightly flexible and features a side zipper. Keeping it on to prevent movements that could cause injury or discomfort is possible with the Velcro strap that has been incorporated for safety. With front laces that can be loosened when required, it can also be taken off with ease.

The inner liner is moisture absorbent to ensure that the feet remain dry, and the shoe is spacious enough to accommodate feet of varying widths. The outer sole is slip resistant for safety, and to ensure that the feet do not get fatigued. With these boots, it is possible to remain steady on the most slippery of surfaces.

The final feature of the Magnum Men’s Response II 8” Side-Zip Boot is that it is totally lightweight and very comfortable, even as a boot. It is made of high quality leather and textile.

4- Martens 1461 Gibson Oxford Shoe

Style, an excellent fit and durability is everything that you need in a working shoe for standing all day, and on all these points, the Dr. Martens 1461 Gibson Oxford Shoe delivers. If you have had the negative experience of an uncomfortable shoe or one that cramped your style, then get a pair of these shoes to redeem that situation.

This shoe is made from great looking leather, and has been proven to be highly durable. This leather material will keep your foot warm when necessary, and also allow your foot to breathe if the conditions become too hot. With this flexibility, it is possible to wear this shoe for hours at a time in any conditions without experiencing discomfort.

The sole of the shoe is all rubber, which means that it is slip resistant with great stability. A rubber sole is also long lasting, and allows the wearer to use the shoe on all types of surfaces without worrying about damage. It also noes not leave any marks on floors which are walked on.

The Dr. Martens 1461 Gibson Oxford Shoe has a safe heel of 1.25″, an ideal height for a shoe that will be used for standing the entire day. It is the perfect heel for the best arch support and maximum support of your heel. Enjoy a padded foot bed with this amazing shoe. This is mainly for relaxation and ensuring that your feet feel great and are dry all day.

5- Sketchers Sport Women’s Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneaker

This is a great shoe to add to your everyday schedule. In addition to feeling great once it is on your feet, it also has an amazing look which is ideal for a range of work settings. This is a shoe that has it all, from high quality to durability. Professionals in the fields of nursing and teaching are fans of this shoe, since it is comfortable for standing in, walking in, and also running in case there is an emergency.

The material of this shoe is soft to the tough, as well as strong and durable. The strength of the shoe keeps the feet in place, without applying undue pressure that could cause discomfort. The sole is made of rubber, which is ideal for stability, as well as movement without the risk of slipping and injury. With a shoe that is this comfortable, it is easier for the women to focus on the job that is at hand, rather than worry about having an accident or injuring themselves with a fall.

The mesh material at the top of the shoe is breathable, ensuring that the feet remain fresh and dry for the entire day. The shoe is very easy to slip in to, and to keep it secure, it features bungee laces which are able to put the foot in place. Working long hours ceases to be tedious and possibly painful when this shoe is worn, which is why it is one of the top 5 best shoes for standing all day.


Best Tennis Shoes for Standing All Day

The most comfortable type of shoes for those who are in a work environment where they need to stand all day are athletic shoes, and more specifically tennis shoes. These are designed for comfort and long term use, and they have enough cushioning to ensure that one can make rapid or sudden movements with ease. They also offer amazing breathability and are exceptionally stable. As they are meant to be heavily used, they are highly durable, and an excellent high quality pair is able to serve the wearer for a long duration of time. Two of the best tennis shoes for standing all day are described in this section.

Adidas Originals Men’s Rod Laver Sneaker

This shoe is a lightweight, made of durable and great quality material and it offers great coziness on the inside of the shoe. This type of fitting ensures that the foot is well secured, without too much pressure that can lead to discomfort or pain. It has an upper mesh which is perfect for keeping the feet fresh the entire day. This mesh also keeps the feet cool, minimizing the amount of sweat produced. It has a rubber sole that provides stability and comfort as you work on your feet.

It is a shoe that will ensure that your feet are in place and relaxed even if you work on your feet for longer hours. Its light weight ensures that you are free to work and walk up and down as much as it is required, without feeling the weight of the shoe or additional strain on your ankles and back. You will not feel tired by the end of the day in this shoe.

ASICS Women’s GEL-Resolution® 6

In addition to being available in a variety of colors, this shoe is excellent for stability and support. In addition to this women’s version, there is a version that is also available for men.

The durability of this shoe is undisputed, and for that reason, there is a 6 month warranty for the outsole of the shoes. This warranty covers against excessive wear for up to 6 months, even if the shoe is worn on a daily basis, and regardless of the conditions or environment that the shoe is worn in.

It looks great, and is available in bright colors a well as the classic white. It is made from synthetic and textile material, allowing the foot to breathe thus reducing the amount of moisture that is retained. It has an extended flexion fit that ensures that your feet have enough space to stretch while inside the shoe. This will prevent any kind of fatigue that you could feel while in the shoe. It also features a toe bumper, making it an ideal shoe for people whose toes are particularly long.

Long toes are sometimes prone to pain when the wrong shoe is worn. The very comfortable inner sore is designed to ensure the feet remain relaxed and moisture free following hours of standing, and also eliminates any bad odors that may arise.


There are many jobs today that require long hours on your feet. Whether you are seeking the best shoes for standing on concrete all day, or the best shoes to ensure your comfort or prevent health problems, the options mentioned above will adequately cater to your needs. You need to find that right shoes for standing all day as when you are uncomfortable, it is impossible to achieve anything even when you have so much work to do. That is why the choice of shoes to wear on your working days should be made with a lot of consideration.

In most cases, you will realize that athletic shoes are the perfect choice for people who work on their feet the whole day especially those who have problematic feet. You should consider these shoes if you are dealing with high arches, low arches, flat feet, and wide feet. If you do not have any problem with your feet then finding a good comfortable shoe is much easier, and you can explore other available options, especially those which are made from high quality leather.

Shopping for a perfect shoe could be an uphill task especially if you do not know where to start looking, or what attributes make for the best shoes for being on your feet all day. With this guide, you will find shopping and owning the best, most durable and most comfortable shoe much easier. Use this list to choose the best shoe for your feet, and your working environment, and make an order today. The right shoes will enable you to accomplish all your goals at work. Prioritize your comfort, your health and your wellbeing, and protect your feet be wearing the right shoes.