Exercise in this generation has now become the daily routine or a habit of most people. You see them go to gym after their day’s work at the office. You see them sweating themselves on the dance floor doing aerobics, taebo and other dance routines.

There are countless ways to stay fit and healthy, other resort to running because it is highly beneficial. Sprints, jog, running is the most common exercise that is being done because it is very simple. All you need is your shorts and shoes and run as long as you can to burn those fats and increase your cardio.

You only need a few minutes of your day to day time to perform this exercise and it is usually done every day during the morning or in the afternoon. Prolonged sprinting, jog or run will give you pain down your leg or shin splints.

If you plan on engaging to it, always consider how much time you’re going to spend on it and I suggest you start looking for the best running shoes for shin splints that could not only give you comfort but also protect your legs and feet from aching if you get yourself hyped and extend to your body’s limit.

One great shoe that is a candidate for what you might need is the ASICS Gel Kayano 21 Running Shoes. It is a synthetic shoe designed for daily and long runs that will give you comfort and are very relaxing to your feet. It reduces the chance of getting yourself leg and foot pain during your run.


  • It has an impact guiding system that is fairly technical that is based on the philosophy or ways of the human body. The design of the guiding system is to allow the person using the shoes to perform a heel to toe movement on a natural scale.
  • The soles are made of rubber. Different from cheaply made shoes that the soles are made of plastic. The ASICS Gel Kayano 21 Running Shoes is made from 100% rubber. The soles also have Gel cushions in the forefoot and underfoot that protects the user from heavy impacts that could strain their legs and cause it pain.
  • It is water resistant and has moisture control that keeps your shoes dry most of the time. You don’t have to worry about water getting in if you ran on some water on the road during your exercise.
  • It is built to last for years. The exterior and interior materials of the shoes are from high quality fabrics and materials. The heels are approximately 1.5’’ tall to give you a good and firm posture.


  • It is good for both short and long distance walk, run or sprints. It provides comfort and lessens the stress that might cause you injuries or shin splints.
  • You can choose from a variety of designs and color. No matter what you choose, the feature it provides is just the same. It is just right that you can choose a proper color for your shoes that will fit your personality.
  • It is a strong, flexible and durable shoe that is light on your feet. The lightness of the shoe enables you to run smoothly and won’t tire you fast. It fits perfectly on your feet without the worry of being loose during your run.
  • The sole of the shoe is made of rubber that will last long. It provides you enough traction to run efficiently. It is water resistant. You can run smoothly with light waters on the road because the rubber can still maintain its traction avoiding you to slide or slip.


  • The ASICS Gel Kayano 21 Running Shoes is technically designed only for men. Its sizes won’t perfectly fit well if worn by women. And given that it will, it won’t have a good grip because of the width of the shoe.
  • Even thou it has a Gel Cushion that provides protection, support and comfort, the manufacturer put it in just around the forefoot and underfoot part of the shoe. There is none available in the middle part which causes a little discomfort in between.


The ASICS Gel Kayano 21 is typically running shoes for men. It can be worn by women depending if the size of the shoe will follow well with their foot. The shoe not only provides you comfort and promotes efficient running, it also protects you from different leg and foot pains or aches. Its shock absorbing capabilities is superb.

The impact is greatly reduced by a Gel cushion found at the sole of the shoe. This is mainly the reason why it is the best running shoes for shin splints. Prolonged running usually causes shin splints but thanks to the amazing bounce back cushioning provided by the Gel, the stress on your feet is significantly reduced.

Price of this running shoe varies depending on the color, design and some added features but a high end ASICS shoe isn’t that expensive compared with other same quality level brand shoe.

Possible Alternatives

It is hard to look for a unisex running shoe. Most shoes are made to be gender specific. This shoe, the ASICS Gel Kayano 21 is designed for men. For women who think that this kind of shoe will give them a hard time fitting their fit in, then you can check out Salomon Women’s XR Mission Running Shoe which is less expensive but of course lacks some nice features such as the Gel cushioning system. It is not actually bad if you’re light on your feet but if you are, then never strain yourself too much or you’ll injured yourself.


This is an amazing product. For a very reasonable price, you can say that it will take your feet to a new level of comfort. You don’t need to take extra effort in lifting it because it weighs lightly. The bounce back effect created by the rubber sole combined with the Gel cushion system will extend your stamina and will make you run further than you usually can without worrying about leg or foot pains. This is by far the best running shoes for shin splints and the greatest foot and leg support shoes.

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