Simple Ways you can  Find the Best Shoes for High Arches

You may have suffered for a long time trying to find the best shoes for high arches. Prior to purchasing any shoe, you should know the type of foot that you have. You could have flat feet for example, or you could have high arches. Although the incidences of high arches are rare, they still constitute a large enough number to have specialised shoes created.

When you have high arches, the points on your feet which are pressured are different from people with normal arches or flat feet. It is the area in between your toes and ankles that feels the most pressure. When you walk with high arches, your feet could curve inwards, resulting in all your weight being carried on the very edge of your feet.

There are several causes of high arches, two of which are neurological conditions or something orthopaedic. They can also been inherited in families. The best way to manage the complications that could arise from high arches it to limit the amount of stress on the feet. This is possible with the right shoes.

If you have high arches, and have been wearing the wrong running shoes, then you are likely to have experienced painful blisters, strain to the ankles or shooting pain in your feet. You may have even been injured as a result of trying to carry out certain tasks while wearing the wrong shoes. You can make a great improvement to your high arch problems by using excellent running shoes. The question is, how do you find the best shoes for high arches? Here is what you need to look out for.

Shock Absorption

People with high arches require running shoes that have excellent shock absorption. This cushioning stems from the midsole, which can be engineered to offer additional support. It should also extend all the way to the heel, so that every time you put your foot down, there is something to absorb that shock and make it easier for you to take lighter steps.


Most runners require stability as a major component of their running shoes, however, those with high arches place less focus on stability, and more on cushioning. Shoes that contain materials like gel within them are ideal for those who have high arches.

The shoes for those with high arches that also have some stability incorporated in them will be more athletic in nature, as well as those for tennis and walking. The typical shoes which are used for running may not have an adequate amount of stability.

Once you find that you are able to walk in a stable way, you can then include the element of motion control to resolve your issue with high arches. This requires looking at the way that you move, and making modification where necessary.

Go Neutral

When purchasing running shoes, you can choose those which have been significantly modernised, including those with additional features which are meant to improve the overall running experience. Shoes which are neutral do not include most of these newer features, such as medial supports. Instead of stability, shock absorption takes priority.

In addition, neutral shoes have different soles, as they are meant to be used in all terrains. When you purchase normal running shoes, they may be specialised to cater to a particular type of area.


When taking a long run, it is imperative that the shoes worn have excellent support. The first step is to ensure that you have a neutral shoe, and then you can place focus on the amount of support that the shoe offers.

This support will help to maintain excellent posture which can be a problem for those who have high arches. It will also be important for reducing the possibility of developing motor problems such as muscle cramps. Good shoes will help with control of the entire body.

The key to wearing the right shoes is in ensuring continual comfort. For that, here is a list of the top five shoes for people with high arches. Wearing these shoes will help you participate in a host of activities including running and walking, as well as other forms of exercise. In addition, you will know what you should expect from any shoe for high arches.


Top 5 Shoes for High Arches

ASICS Men’s GEL-Kinsei 5 Running Shoe

This is a shoe that has interesting features for runners who have high arched feet. To avoid placing strain on the feet, the Impact Guidance System that is a part of this shoe follows the ordinary movements of the foot. This is a shoe that also has excellent cushioning, which is built into the heel clutching system. These shoes also have their own temperature control system to enhance the comfortability of the shoe. This is in the form of the cuprothermo film. When it is cold, the feet are able to stay warm, and when it is warm, excess heat is released from the shoe.

Shoes that are lightweight are also attractive to those with high arches, as they help with movement and flexibility. This shoe is light in weight as it has been created with slim light materials.

Saucony Women’s Ride 7 Running Shoe

For the sort of women who takes a daily run and spends considerable time on their fitness, this is the ideal shoe to choose. It allows women with high arches to experience comfort, as it has extra cushioning. It also has several features, including the ComfortLite sock liner to prevent any slipping within the shoe.

This is a neutral running shoe, which means that the sole is not as hard as you can expect to find in a regular running shoe.

The shoe is available in a range of colours, and the fabric over the top of the shoe is synthetic and mesh. This fabric moulds itself to the foot, adding comfortability and fit.

This is an ideal shoe to wear at any time of day or night, as it has reflective detail on the heel. The rubber outer sole is also exceptionally lightweight, and the quality of the material is excellent giving the shoe durability.

Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 Running Shoes

People with high arches need to run in neutral shoes, and this is amongst the leading neutral shoes in the market. This shoe has been engineered to ensure comfort in several ways. To begin with, it has just the right amount of cushioning to ensure that the person with high arches does not experience any uncomfortability when they put on the show.

It is also lightweight, adding to flexibility and making it the ideal choice for any long distance runs. The materials used to create the shoe are synthetic and mesh, allowing for excellent air circulation and preventing the shoes from retaining a large amount of heat. This shoe also has an excellent, highly comfortable fit.

Altra Men’s Torin 2 Running Shoe

Runners who have high archers may need to minimise the impact with which they hit the ground to ensure that they do not cause themselves any discomfort or injury. This shoe has excellent cushioning, which makes running comfortable, with the right amount of stability.

For added comfort, the shoe is made from a combination of fabric and synthetic material. It is available in a range of colours to suit many different tastes.

The top of this shoe features a mono-mesh with no-sew overlays. This is on top of a sleek platform. This shoe is also quite flexible, much more so than you would expect from a harder running shoe.

The toe box of this shoe helps to naturally position the feet, which makes it suitable for people who may have wider feet. With this room for the toes to spread out with ease, a runner is able to increase the speed with which they are moving while maintaining some stability.

Hoka One One Men’s Clifton 2

This is a neutral running shoe, which is essential for high arches. It also features heavy cushioning, making it ideal for long runs, as well as for everyday wear.

With a variety of colours available, it is possible to find this running shoe to suit the taste of any runner. It is also exceptionally lightweight, adding to the flexibility and comfort for long distance running.

The tongue of this running shoe is lightly padded, so that the top of the foot is better protected. However, what makes this shoe really stand out from the rest is its midsole, which is an oversized EVA. Combined with the extra padding, this shoe also offers an excellent amount of stability.


Best Women’s Running Shoes for High Arches

Brooks Women’s Glycerin 12

When searching for an excellent running experience, you should have access to an excellent shoe. This shoe has an incredible amount of cushioning, which is typical of the best running shoes for high arches. It features the typical Brooks Omega flex grooves, which extend to the forefoot of the shoe. This adds considerable to the overall flexibility of the shoe. For ease in running, you will find a segmented “Crash Pad” within this shoe. This is important for the overall comfort of this shoe, while also offering just enough stability.

New Balance Women’s WT1210 Trail Shoe

This is a shoe that has excellent features, especially for people with high arches. These include the classic N2 cushioning, which helps offer support and stability while running. This shoe is particularly effective for long distance running due to the excellent way that it has been constructed. It has incredible cushioning, and a rubber outsole for brilliant traction. This shoe is designed to be long lasting and reliable.


Best Men’s Running Shoes for High Arches

Brooks Men’s Ghost 7

These shoes shall help put a bounce in the runners step, as they are well cushioned. When running, the transition from heel to toe is smooth. These shoes are also ideal for walking. Like other offerings from Brooks, they include a segmented “Crash Pad”. They have received accolades for being highly comfortable, and for the lightness which helps with the overall flexibility. In addition, they are a lightweight shoe, which only adds more to its flexibility.

Saucony Grid Cohesion 6

This leading shoe manufacturer has created a shoe that is not only comfortable for those with high arches, it is also cushioned and highly flexible. Anyone interested in long distance running will find that this shoe is excellent, especially if they have high arches. The rubber sole makes it ideal for use on any terrain, and it is highly durable. It has excellent cushioning, and good shock absorption.


Best Athletic Shoes for High Arches

New Balance Men’s MT 1210

This is a great shoe for athletes who have high arches. It can be used for running as well as a series of other sports. It features excellent comfort as a result of the REVLite midsole. The materials that this shoe is made from are synthetic, allowing feet to breathe when there are high temperatures. For added comfort and a more realistic feel, this shoe features the modern Vibram sole. This is a shoe that will help any athlete meet their goals.

Brooks Men’s PureCadence 3

This is an athletic shoe that has been created for people with high arches. For ease of use and comfortability, it is light in weight, and also stable. It has good cushioning throughout the shoe. The outer sole features rubber which has an excellent grip. This means that it can be used with ease on a range of surfaces. Walking or Running in this shoe feels like one is on a spring.


Best Dress Shoes for High Arches

ECCO Women’s Babett Tie Walking

Having high arches does not mean that you cannot find the right shoes to go out with and dress up an outfit. The Ecco Women’s Babett shoe is made in leather, and available win five different colours. For added comfort, it features a padded tongue and collar, and it has considerable cushioning. You can increase your comfortability by removing the cushioned footbed if you wish too. This is a versatile shoe that could pass as sporty as well as dressy.

Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed

These famous shoes have been favourites for people with high arches for decades. They come in a range of designs, thought the most famous is the two strap sandal. It is the footbed that offer so much support to people with high arches, as it is contoured. The cushioning is also made of cork, which gives a comfortable, soft and cushioned sole.


Best Tennis Shoes for High Arches

Adidas Barricade

Tennis is a highly active and fast paced game, and as such, a person with high arches needs shoes that are able to keep pace. The Adidas Barricade can easily help a person with high arches compete to win. It has excellent cushioning which is supported by brilliant stability. The arch support is also very good, allowing for short sprints, and sudden movements without causing injury.

Babolat SFX Ergo Motion

This stylish tennis shoe features an excellent midsole design that is meant to absorb shocks well at the heel. There is also considerable cushioning throughout the shoe, as well as arch support for increased comfort. To help create better balance, the toe box is considerably wider than what you would find in other similar shoes.


Best Walking Shoes for High Arches

Nike Men’s Dual Fusion

These are shoes that have excellent support for anyone who is dealing with a high arch. They are ideal for walking as they are light in weight, meaning that there is no additional strain placed on the back and leg muscles. They are also a comfortable fit, and have a rubber sole for good traction.

Asics Gel Nimbus 17

Walking can be a pleasure instead of a pain when you choose to wear the Asics Gel Nimbus 17. This is one of the best walking shoes for those with high arches because it has a multi-directional stretch mesh that covers the top of the shoe, which helps if take the shape of the foot. In addition, it features forefoot and rear foot Gel cushioning, which is integral to supporting the arch. It is able to absorb shock well, which minimises any additional stress that may result due to taking steps.


Finding the best shoes for high arches can be a challenge, but these top pickings will make it considerably easier. This list will help you to find a neutral running shoe, that offers the right amount of cushioning,

Make sure to use this list as your reference point when you decide to make a purchase. You are assured that you will only get a product that is of the best possible quality in this way.

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