How would you find it if you’re on a hike and you constantly think about how uncomfortable the hiking shoes are? The constant uncertainty you feel will not let you enjoy your outdoor recreation. Looking for the right one is like matchmaking where the boots must fit and go accordingly with your feet.

Being one with your boots during your hike is the best thing you want so that you can have a peaceful, fun and entertaining hike. The proper hiking boots must give you comfort, certainty and support.

But do you even have the slightest idea on how to check hiking boots have good support? If you don’t, then you will find it surprising that hiking boots have different ways to give its user the proper support, may it be comfort, firm stand, traction and many more.

A proper or exact fit boots are known to give you great support. It’s kind of an obvious statement. The hiking boots that do not support well will just cause you distress and discomfort. No one likes a non-fitting boots. Using one exposes you to a leg or foot injury over a period of time.

Checking How It Fits

A hiking boots that have good support is most likely to fit your foot well. It must give you the necessary comfort to your foot so that you can climb up and down the mountainous terrain with no problem. You must understand that there are several ways to know that your hiking boots is a good fit and is the right one for you.

Boot Size

You better have an idea about your foot size so that you can vary your boots from it. It is best if you know it in different standards, American, UK, EU and other standards. Have an idea about your foot length, width, what type of foot you have, your foot arch and the height.

The reason that you need to know most of this things so that you’ll know if the hiking boots you’re about to buy will give you a proper support. A good example would be if you are a flat footed person or have an over pronated foot type, you wouldn’t want to buy a high cut boots with so many cushioning on the insole. Not only that it will give you discomfort, it will also give you an unpleasant and exhausting walk.

You can check the length of your foot by pulling out the insoles of the boot. Stand on them and measure. It is more accurate than basing your foot length by placing it on the exterior sole or the base of the boot.

Try Them on and Spend Time with the Boot

If you have decided and purchased the boot, there is usually an allotted time or day that you are allowed to return or replace the boot. If there isn’t, make sure to try them on and spend some time with it. Put them on and stroll down the boot store. Have your feet do some twist and turns, lift them up and put pressure on them and see if they are giving you discomfort. If none then you can then proceed on buying the boots.

The most ideal time to purchase a boot is after your day’s activity. Usually after a long and tiring day of work, your feet swell more than it supposed to because of the activities you’ve gone through. During this time, you can go to the store and try on a pair and see if the boots you are targeting to buy can still give you the proper fit, support and comfort.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Fitting Issue

Upon going to the boot store, you must already know the issues with your old boots or shoes. This way, you can seek help with the store attendant and make things easier for them to identify what kind of hiking boots are preferably for you. At least you don’t have to spend or waste your time trying out unfitting boots. This could narrow your search with the proper boots that will give you the support you need.

You must also consider when you’re in the store that the boots, when it’s still fresh and new, won’t be that comfortable at first. Take as much time as you can in the store to walk around and try to break in the shoe’s stiffness. If it starts to feel right, then you can tell whether or not that the shoe is a fit. Hiking boots with a good support doesn’t take that long for you to be able to tell if it will hold in your foot well.

Try Wearing Proper Socks

Do not put all the support caring matters solely on the hiking boots. You can try wearing the appropriate socks that could help your feet receive cushioning, protection and more comfort rather than to rely all the support work on the hiking boots.

It is also hygienic to wear a sock. All day hiking will make you sweat heavily and that includes your feet. If there are no socks on them, expect that the boots will absorb the sweat and become a nice place for bacterial growth. It will also release bad or foul odor.

A sock can also help you fit the boots well if you feel like it is a bit loose. Wearing socks is also one way of how to check hiking boots have good support because it can actually confirm if the boots will be steady on your feet.


There are so many ways on how to check hiking boots have good support. Never be afraid to ask shoe experts or attendants in the store. They are trained to know all the possible pros and cons of the products they sell. It is their job to assist you if you’re in doubt with the purchase you are about to make. So make it a habit to ask for their help. It will also save you the trouble of walking from one boot isle to another if you are looking for a specific brand of hiking boots.

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