A Buyers Guide on How to Find the Best Shoes for Bunions

A bunion is a protruding bone that causes pain and discomfort at the joints on your feet when you wear shoes. The best shoes for bunions help reduce these negative feelings. Unlike a corn or a blister that go away with time, bunions are more permanent, and should therefore be treated more seriously. The type of shoes that you wear can affect your ability to walk with ease if you have a bunion, and the problem can be further aggravated if you consistently choose the wrong shoes.

For example, a shoe that fits to tightly causes the toes to get pushed together, which could result in a bunion close to the big toe. When you have a bunion, you not only have to consider a shoe that will fit perfectly and accommodate your foot, you need a shoe that shall also be able to accommodate your bunion.

When you go out to purchase your shoes, here are some factors that you should bear in mind: –

  • Stylish, highly fashionable shoes may not be ideal for you. By making small sacrifices in this departments, you can get significant benefits with comfort. This may require you to change your attitude towards shopping, but the final result will be well worth it.
  • The best shoes for bunions will need to be a bit wider that normal and should always have a boxy appearance around the toes. This will ensure that your toes have enough room to spread out and move freely when you are standing or walking. When you have to wear your shoes for long periods of time, this point becomes particularly important.
  • The sole of the shoe should be flexible enough to withstand any kind of pressure that you put on your feet. Ideally, you should seek neutral shoes that tend to have a sole that is more flat and accommodating.
  • The shoes that you select should also have motion control, so that you prevent yourself from injury caused by falls. Motion control is especially important for those with arches, as they require the cushioning to enable their foot to widen every time they put pressure on it.
  • Shoes that have been designed for people with bunions are often available in a variety of widths. Ensure that you purchase a shoe whose width enables you to walk comfortably without rubbing against the bunion at any time. It is even better to take a shoe that is slightly wider than what your actual size.

Sandals are usually a favored choice for people with bunions because they give good room for the toes and there is minimal discomfort felt when they are worn. The problem is that sandals are usually not the best shoes for all occasions and situations. There are times when a closed shoe would be more appropriate. Here are some excellent options.

Top 5 Shoes for Bunions

These top 5 shoes for bunions can be applied to a host of situations, including going to work or an evening out. They include: –

1- Comfort Women’s Marla Black Stretchable Diabetic Casual Shoes

This is a very accommodating shoe, and ideal for any woman who is suffering with bunions. It is made of a light weight and stretchable material of great quality and comfort so that the foot can be easily accommodated, whatever shape it may be. It also comes with a two-way Velcro closure that allows great flexibility for bulges like bunions. You can fix it as per your comfort without compromising its great look and style. This is not the kind of shoe that will lose its shape after washing though, because it is made of a very strong quality material. Its durability ensures that it can be used for an extended period of time.

It is also a shoe with great style, which is excellent for anyone looking for fashionable, yet wide and well-fitting shoes. This shoe has been specifically designed as a therapeutic shoe with great features that anyone and everyone will find worthy, especially if you have feet issues.

2- Merrell Women’s All Out Bold Mary-Jane Slip-On Walking Shoe

Made of high quality leather, Merrell Women’s All Out Bold Mary-Jane Slip-On Walking Shoe is the perfect choice for anyone dealing with bunions. It is perfect for people that love hiking and also for weekend getaways. This is due to its strength and durability, and its inside is very comfortable for people that have feet problems.

This shoe also has a distinctly stylish appearance. The rubber sole makes it easier to walk due to excellent traction being provided. In addition, it also ensure that the shoe is stable, making it ideal for working or extended wear. The Mary Jane design helps prevent the shoe from easily slipping off the feet, as the strap holds the foot firmly and comfortably in place.

The lining of this walking shoe is a mesh material, for easier flow of air in and out of the shoe. You will worry less about odors and sweaty feet with this functionality. There is also a great quality inner sole and midsole that reduces the impact that your feet experience when you are walking. The wide toe box enables your toes the freedom to stretch, and this also allows your bunions to be accommodated. If you have been searching for a pain free solution to foot wear for bunions, this is an excellent option.

3- Isotoner Women’s Classic Satin Ballerina Slipper

This is a ballet-style kind of shoe that is designed to provide great relief and flexibility to a wearer dealing with bunions. It is an easy slip on that holds onto your feet, this preventing the possibility of the shoe slipping off when you are walking.

Despite have the description of a ballerina slipper that hints at a delicate and light shoe, it is a strong and durable kind of shoe that is quite comfortable as well. You can use it to walk for long distances without worrying about fatigued or stressed feet. For added comfort, its inside is made of cushioned insole and it has a topline that is elasticized in order to fit the feet perfectly.

The sole is good too and it provides maximum traction as well as stability, even on slippery floors. This shoe is ideal for all types of occasions, though it excels as being a shoe that you can wear indoors when you are looking to relax or have minimal movement. Your bunions shall not be pressed with this comfortable and beautiful shoe.

4- Merrell Women’s Veranda Emme Mary-Jane Pump

This provides a combination of relaxation and style. It is perfect for a woman that means business yet they are dealing with bunions. You do not have to fit in the typical, highly fashionable office shoes that will feel uncomfortable. With this stylish pump, you can still look amazing while also being super easy on your toes for as long as you will need to be in the shoe.

It is made of high quality leather, a long lasting, comfortable and durable material for the perfect shoe. The inside of this shoe well cushioned which enables your toes to be comfortable, and relieves any pressure that may have been placed on your bunions. With this shoe, your entire foot shall feel protected, even when you need to walk around, or spend the day in the shoe.

The sole of this shoe is made of rubber, which is good for durability as well as stability in any condition that you may be walking in. For the working and busy woman, this shoe looks professional and does not compromise on your comfort. It has a small heel of about 2″, which is perfect for providing support to the arch and the heel. Its lining allows for free flow of air in and out of the shoe to ensure that your feet are well ventilated and that they are not sweaty and smelly at the end of each day.

5- Dansko Women’s Professional Pro Cabrio Leather Clog

If you are looking for durability, great comfort and style, you will get them all through this shoe. The design of this shoe makes it easy to wear for a range of occasions, including outings as well as in the work place. It is likely that you will not want to take this shoe as it offers incredible support thanks to its small heel of about 1.75 inches. Women with bunions find this shoe comfortable, especially for their toes as the toe box has enough room to accommodate wide feet.

The midsole of this leather clog is contoured in order to keep the feet supported and secured all day long. The inside of the shoe is generally well cushioned, which is excellent for women who have high arches and need some extra support and stability. The outsole for this leather clog is quite strong and durable, as well as shock absorbing. This is a shoe that has been designed with the highest quality standards in mind, so that it can stand the test of time in different working conditions and consistent wear.

Best running shoes for bunions

When you have bunions, one of the biggest challenges that you may face is getting the most out of an exercise regime. Certain activities that require movement, especially running, are often avoided due to the pain that can be experienced when the wrong shoes are worn. In addition to this pain, wearing the wrong shoe while attempting intensive exercise can further aggravate your bunion, such that after some time it becomes unbearable to even take a step. The right running shoe can make all the difference, and for the first time, you may find that you are able to run for miles – despite having bunions on your feet. The key features that you should look for include mesh that will allow for circulation of air, and a proper heel to give you the cushioning that you need, based on the type of foot that you have. Here two some of the best options on the market.

Brooks Glycerin 11 Men’s Running Shoe

This comfortable and roomy running shoe is ideal for any person who is dealing with bunions. Since it is accommodating, it is possible to run with ease. It is also ideal for someone with flat feet, as the sole of this shoe is flat with minimal cushioning.

The wide toe box ensures that your feet have adequate room to stretch and move. The upper part of the shoe is made with a mesh material, allowing the circulation of air in and out of the shoe, which helps with the health of the feet. You will find this shoe in a range of colors which help it suit the taste and style of any wearer. The durability and strength of this shoe are notable, particularly the strong rubber sole that offers excellent traction. You can be sure of stability when running with this shoe on.

Altra Women’s Torin 2.0 Running Shoe, Parrot Blue, 8 M US

It is a perfect shoe for a female runner that wants to enjoy style, comfort and speed when on the run. The materials used in this shoe are of excellent quality. The rubber sole is highly durable and can be used extensively without any fear or damage or excessive wear and tear.

The wide toe box allows there to be room for the foot, and the shape of the toe box adds to the overall external appeal of this shoe. The cushioning of this shoe makes it ideal for extended wear, and the mesh outer lining helps good ventilation so that the feet remain fresh and dry at all time. This shoe makes a runner feel stable and steady, which is why one is able to increase their overall speed when running in this shoe without worrying about their bunions.

Best tennis shoes for bunions

Tennis shoes are favorites for people who need to remain in their shoes for long periods of time. The reasons are simple, these types of shoes are comfortable, whether you are walking, running or standing still. They are made to fit the foot well, without being too tight. Choosing the wrong type of tennis shoe can cause misery for any person with a bunion, so you should not expect that all tennis shoes are equal in their comfortability in regards to people with issues on their feet.

This section contains details of two of the best tennis shoes that you can choose, particularly if you are suffering with bunions. They enable your foot to be flexible as well as supported. They also contain an adequate amount of room for your toes, and for the free flow of air.

Apis Answer2 554-3V Men’s Therapeutic Extra Depth Shoe Leather-and-Mesh Velcro

This shoe is made of leather and mesh, for durability, comfort and easy flow of air in and out of the shoe. You can use this shoe for extended periods of time without having to worry about heat building up inside the shoe. Furthermore, this is a perfect shoe for walking or exercising. It has an added width at the toe end which provides some accommodation for the bunion.

The inserts of this shoe are removable to allow for easy fitting and any internal modification you might be needed to make the shoe more comfortable. When you are dealing with painful bunions, a shoe like this will enable you to go through a rigorous and physically demanding daily routine without having to experience any pain or discomfort.

Dr Zen Jordan Men’s Comfort Therapeutic Extra Depth Shoe Leather-and-Mesh Lace

This is another great leather and mesh shoe. It is made from high quality material that offers comfort as well as durability. It is light weight, making it ideal to wear for long period or in the event of considerable movement, as it will minimize the amount of strain placed on the feet.

Furthermore, it has extra depth, allowing for a person with bunions to avoid unnecessary pressure. It is also snug without being tight, which makes for an excellent fit. Its insoles are removable so as to allow more room just in case you are dealing with swollen and painful bunions.

Best dress shoes for bunions

Wide shoes that focus on comfort first may have you cringe at the thought of facing a social event or dressing up. However, even though you have bunions, you can still find shoes that combine formal style with comfortability, so that you can fit in with the crowd easily.

Aravon Women’s Maya Pump

This versatility in a dress shoe is what makes this such a popular choice for so any women. The shoes has an exceptional amount of room, and also features a high toe box. These features prevent discomfort caused from the shoe being too snug. It also features rocker soles, which are able to propel the foot with ease as one takes a stride.

These soles also ensure that there is minimal pressure placed on the forefoot. For those with high arches, the amount of support is excellent. Perhaps the best feature of these shoes is you can purchase then in varying widths, as there are a total of four widths available. It is available in various shades and textures of leather.

Serene Men’s Fashion Stylish Suede Lace Up Boat Shoes

This one is made of a very durable and great looking suede material that is available in a range of fantastic colors. There are also two tone shoes available for that added element of style.

It is an ideal shoe for walking due to its thick and well-padded sole. It is ideal to wear with long trousers and has good amount of space for the toes. It features durable welt stitches, and eyelets for an added element of style. The thick sole also allows for more stability, and its light weight makes it easy to wear. In addition to being a comfortable option as a dress shoe, it is also versatile and can be worn for a range of occasions.



Painful bunions will deprive you of your comfort and happiness whenever you have something really important to do. They will also restrict your shoe options, and you may have thought that you would be destined to wear wide boring shoes or sandals for life. This list of the best shoes for bunions reveals that this is not the case. You can find amazing and comfortable shoes to suit any occasion, and enjoy yourself without fear of discomfort or experiencing pain. Exercising and taking a night out on the town is entirely possible, once you know which are the best shoes on the market.

With this excellent guide to refer to, you can now make a purchase for the shoes you need to protect your bunions. There is no need for you to live a life that is less fulfilled due to pain that comes from your feet. Whether you are planning on spending time indoors or outdoors, put your comfort first. Make your next purchase with reference to this list for ultimate comfort without worrying about hurting your toes or your bunion.

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