Seven Easy tips on How to find the Best Shoes for Nurses

Nursing is one job where you are guaranteed to spend a large amount of time on your feet and the best nursing shoes are essential for any nurse who wants to do a brilliant job. Not only does this entail standing and walking around, nurses also need to be able to take short sprints in the event of an emergency. Bearing the heavy responsibility of taking care of other people means that there is less time spent taking care of themselves. However, to be able to function at their optimum level, nurses need to take special care of their feet.

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That is why it is important to wear nursing shoes that are of the best quality, as these will not only make the job easier, they will also help improve the quality of life for the nurse. The right shoes will save a nurse from experiencing unnecessary pain in their feet, and body, as well as helping with excellent posture. The right shoes will also help align the spine. The best nursing shoes should cut down on the total stress or discomfort that a nurse might experience while they are at work.

In the past, nursing shoes looked considerably traditional, and were not in any way attractive or fashionable. They were merely functional, intended to make sure that a nurse could fully complete their shift. Although these older types of nursing shoes are easily available today, nursing shoes that combine fashion with function are all the rage.

Before you make a decision on what you prefer, here are seven tips that will help you when you are looking to find the best shoes for Nurses.

  1. They should be a comfortable and perfect fit, accommodating at the toe box and offering sufficient cushioning in the heel. This means that you need to know what size your foot is, and the best way to be absolutely sure is to measure your own feet. This is because over time, the size and shape of your feet may change, and having an idea of your exact measurements will make it easier for you to select a nursing shoe that will fit perfectly.

When you measure your feet, you will notice that it is likely your feet are different sizes, even though it may be by a small amount. You may find that purchasing two different pairs, or fining a size that is a little larger may be the key to guaranteeing your comfortability.

  1. They should be slip-resistant, as the nature of nursing works means that it is possible that quick movement is needed, which also includes the need to be flexible. Slip-resistant shoes help to prevent any accidents that could occur. This means that when selecting your nursing shoes, you should place priority on shoes that have rubber soles and excellent traction. They should also have a heel that is at least one inch high.
  1. Before you finalise a purchase, find out what type of arch you have. When you think about it, you will begin to realise that you may not know your feet as well as you think you do. Some people have flat feet, others have high arches and there are those whose feet are over pronated. All shoes are engineered to fit a certain type of foot, therefore, if you understand your arches, it will be easier to find the right shoe for the most comfortable fit.
  1. Consider the size of the toe box and the material that the shoe is made out of. If the shoe is tight at the toe box, it will not be suitable as a nursing shoe. This is because nursing shoes need to be get up and go shoes, rather than the types of shoes that need to be broken in. They should fit comfortably when you buy them to purchase. If you feel any pinches, do not take that pair, keep looking until you find something perfect. In regards to the material that the shoe is made out of, opt for those which are easy to wipe clean and disinfect, rather than those which feature mesh or a porous material.
  1. Expand your vision when searching for nurse shoes. In addition to shoes that have been designed specifically for nurses, you could opt for shoes which have been made for walkers or runners. They are likely to have good cushioning in all the right places, as well as a host of other benefits that make them ideal for every day, continuous use. You may also find that there are more designs and colours available in running shoes than in nurse shoes.
  1. There is a wide selection of shoes available, so before you make a purchase, find out from your workplace what would be acceptable. There are shoes with designs, as well as different colours available. Many places still need their nurses to wear classic white shoes. With the right information, you can purchase a shoe that will suit your taste, as well as that of your workplace. Also consider the style that would be most appropriate for you, depending on which section of the health facility you are working from.
  1. Purchase shoes that you will use for the long run. Therefore, you need to prioritise on quality. The shoes that you buy need to be made of the best materials available, so that they are easy to clean and maintain. What is recommended is a shoe made of leather, which has a rubber sole. In addition to the sole, the way that the shoes have been made will affect the amount of time that they last. High quality stitching will make a big difference.

The Top Nursing Shoes for Comfort and Stability

There are several attributes that make the top nursing shoes stand out from all other offerings on the market. The first of these is excellent arch support, so that at any time of day or night, the wearer remains comfortable and feels their foot has been well supported. More shoes require arch supports, as these have an effect on overall posture.

The second important attribute is a padded instep collar. These not only protect the top of the foot, they also add to the overall comfort one can experience as they walk.

The more you wear a shoe, the warmer your foot becomes, which leads to sweating in the foot that could result in a slippery and uncomfortable instep. A shoe that features a breathable footbed will help to control the overall temperature in the foot.

The inner sole of the shoe should also have shock absorption, so that in case of sudden movements the foot does not get injured, and remains comfortable.

Prior to making your final purchase, you should be aware of the differing styles of available Nursing Shoes.

There are three main styles available, and many modern styles are based on these three.

– The first style is the slip on, which is an easy to put on and take off shoe. It does not include any laces, meaning the hands are freed from continually fiddling with the shoes which could lead to the spread of bacteria. They are usually closed on the back end.

– The second style is sneakers, which are ideal for a nurse who wants to make the most of cushioning, due to moving at a fast pace all the time. The busiest nurses will opt for these, as they are highly comfortable.

– The third style is clogs. Many nurses favour this style of nursing shoe as they believe that it is the most comfortable that can be word. The front section is closed, whereas the back section is often left open, with straps for securing them to the ankles. These are excellent options for nurses who have wide feet.

The top five nursing shoes that you will find on the market include

Timberland PRO Renova Professional Slip On

Nursing shoes can be fully functional without necessarily having to look like the traditional nursing shoe. That is what this show from Timberland has to offer. Those who have worn it, have never looked back at any other options. It looks amazing, and can even be worn out of the work place because it offers so much comfortability.

In addition to being very comfortable, these slip-on shoes are also very easy to keep clean. This is because they have been made of leather and rubber, materials which can be wiped down with ease, and which do not hold on to dirt that could then be spread around. To make cleaning even easier, the engineering of this shoe goes a step further, incorporating a Scotch Gard protector. This is essential for anyone in the nursing profession as a dirty shoe can harbour all types of bacteria.

For added comfort, the soles of these shoes are soft to the touch. In addition, they are designed for people who spend their entire day on their feet. They have a unique anti-fatigue technology that ensures the legs are comfortable, while also offering support for the back.

To ensure that minimal strain is placed on the heels, they have excellent shock absorption, which literally puts a spring into every single step taken.

The interior of the Timberland PRO Renova Professional Slip On includes a micro suede upper lining, which prevents chaffing that could occur on the upper side of the foot. The exterior of this shoe has the SafeGrip slip-resistant outsole, which prevents accidents on any surface, whether the surface is dry or wet.

In warm conditions, there is always the concern that feet may sweat, leading to discomfort and slipperiness within the shoe. For nurses who don this footwear, the Bi-Fit Tri-density footbed with Outlast Adaptive Comfort regulates the temperature, so that feet always feel dry.

This well designed shoe is available in classic white.

Brooks Addiction Walker

Many nurses wear walking shoes due to their comfortability, and this is one that nurses have turned into their favourite. They remain comfortable even after wear and active movement for hours, and they also offer an exceptional amount of support. When making a selection, you can choose from one of three colours, black, white and bone. This is a sneaker that is ideal for the busy nurse who may work in the emergency room.

Nurses are no different from many other people on the market, meaning that some of them have flat feet. The Brooks Addiction Walker offers comfort for those with flat feet, and they also do not slip. This is important as hospital floors tend to be slippery and when moving at a fast pace, a nurse needs to know that movement is possible without any fear of injury. The slippery floors may be caused by a range of items that could spill on the ground, including fluids from patients. Normally, there is no warning given when there will be a spill, so having a shoe that is slip-resistant helps with overall safety.

For cushioning, as well as shock absorption, you will find both rear and forefoot Hydroflow. The midsole is the award winning MOGO midsole, which contains S-257 Cushole. The upper part of the shoe is made from excellent quality leather, which feels soft, though it is strong and comfortable.

This shoe feels like walking shoe, offering that comfortable fit to guarantee that you will want to stay on your feet. It supports low arches, which makes walking around much easier. The outer part of this shoe is made from full grain leather, which is easy to maintain and also highly durable.

Those who wear this shoe can count on it being reliable, and do not have to worry about aching feet at the end of the workday.

Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Slip-On Loafer

Nurses work in high pressure situations, and they do not have time to concern themselves with shoe laces or other closures on shoes which may affect their comfortability and the way they execute their work. This is a comfortable loafer that is easy to slip into and out of. It is made of leather, and features a sole that is rubber, and helps resistant to slipping. In addition to being available in the classic white, there are also a range of other colours available, helping a nurse choose a shoe that matches her personality.

 The leather used to make these loafers is excellent quality, allowing the foot to breathe, while also increasing the durability of the shoe, especially when worn for extended periods of time. When it comes to cleaning of this shoe, this can be done with ease as it has been designed with a stain-resistant finish. It also helps that this shoe looks highly professional.

The outsole of this shoe includes a rubber insert, making it slip-resistance, and therefore, safe to be worn at the work place. This shoe is also lightweight, which means that after a long day, one is unlikely to feel strain or fatigue as would happen with a shoe that carried more weight. They can also reduce or eliminate the pain that may occur due to wearing the wrong nurse shoes.

For added stability, these shoes feature a steel shank. Once you purchase a pair of these shoes, you can expect to wear them for several years as they are highly durable and easy to maintain.

Durability is highly important for nurse shoes, which promotes this shoe. This is because a nurse spends a considerable amount of time moving up and down, and the shoes need to last for some time. Replacing shoes every few months due to lack of durability can be expensive, and an inconvenience as well.

Clarks Men’s Feldars Clog

Clarks Men's Feldars Clog

With more than a century of experience creating comfortable, high quality shoes, Clarks offers this excellent nursing shoe. This easy to wear clog is made in black leather and has several outstanding features. To begin with, it has a rubber sole, making movement easy as this allows for more flexibility, as well as being slip-resistant. This nurse shoe is completely waterproof, making it ideal for work where nurses may have to contend with unfortunate spills.

This shoe is also lightweight. In nursing, a lightweight shoe is essential considering the amount of time that a nurse spends on their feet during the day. A heavy shoe would leave one fatigued, could also increase the level of stress that needs to be dealt with, and in the long run, could result in back pain.

For added comfort, the footbed is padded, which also helps to improve overall posture. This is a shoe that is a testament to style, and that also incorporates all the necessary elements for comfort as well. It is simple, yet serves its purpose well.

The insoles of this shoe are removable, adding to the flexibility of wearing this top quality shoe.

Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Pro Grip Slip-Resistant Work Shoe

This is a simple, yet modern and fashionable looking nurse shoe. It is made in leather, and available in three colours – Black, Brown or White. The sole of this shoe is rubber, and the outsole is entirely slip resistant. The design of the tread is highly modern, which is great for traction and also thus increased the durability of the shoe.

It features a comfortable heel that is approximately 1 inch in length.

This is a shoe that targets the professional nurse, who is most interested in having a shoe that is practical for every day use over long hours, and that is comfortable as well. As the shoe is waterproof, it is also easy to wipe clean. Quick cleaning is essential, particularly when you consider the amount of time that a nurse has to clean up shoes. Being able to wipe off a range of spills means that a nurse spends less time attempting to clean up, and focuses more attention on the patients that they are helping.

The lining within this shoe us well cushioned. The sole is the Sure Grip sole, which does not leave any marks behind. In addition, the interior of the shoe features an insole that helps with the elimination of sweat and other odours.

A nursing professional who must remain on their feet all day long will appreciate that these shoes are light in weight, and that they also offer excellent support.


The Difference between Men’s and Women’s Nursing Shoes

One would imagine that all nursing shoes are created equal, however, there are some distinct differences between men’s nursing shoes and those that are created for women. This is to account for the differences in their feet, as well as in the way that they move.

The insoles in the nursing shoes that have been created for men are much wider than those for women. In addition, the outsoles are much stronger on a man’s nursing shoe as it is expected that men are heavier than women, therefore, their shoes will need to bear more weight.

There are also differences in the way that nursing shoes are designed. The nursing shoes for men feature more neutral colours, such as white, black, brown and navy blue. However, the designs for women have a range of designs, including embossed flowers, bright colours and patterned designs.

Best Men’s Nursing Shoes for Professional Nurses

There are a fantastic choice of nursing shoes available for men that combine both masculine style and serious comfort. These will make any male nurse look distinctly professional, while also being functional for the job that they have at hand. Here are two excellent choice for men’s nursing shoes.

Dansko Men’s Professional Cabrio Clog

This is a highly popular men’s nursing shoe, made of high quality leather, and featuring a strong synthetic sole. It features a heel that has been raised to around 2 centimetres, as well as a platform that is around one inch in height. This adds comfort, as well as making it easier to walk or stand for long hours at a time. The heel especially, helps to maintain balance while providing room for adequate cushioning to be incorporated into the shoes.

Dickies Men’s SRMEXAM Leather Step In Nursing Shoe

Dickies Men's SRMEXAM Leather Step In Nursing Shoe

This easy to wear shoe moulds itself onto one’s foot, ensuring that it feels like an extension of the person. This is also due to it being lightweight, and also flexible so that it moves easily with the foot when it is in motion. It is available in white or black, and is easy to clean. The shoe is made of leather, and also features a padded collar on the top line. It is also soft to the touch, although the high quality leather gives this shoe long term durability. You can wear these shoes in any kind of weather because of the lining inside which is designed to absorb moisture. This means that you have no need to worry about losing your balance and slipping when you wear this shoe. Those who have wider feet will appreciate the large toe box that is on this shoe. In addition, the heel height is a comfortable 1.5 inches.


Best Women’s Nursing Shoes

There are a large selection of nursing shoes available in the market for women that is why it is helpful to know which are the best in the market. The top two nursing shoes that you can choose are as follows: –

Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled Clog

The first thing that you will notice about these shoes is their stunning design. They are made out of leather of the finest quality, and feature a comfortable manmade sole. There is a raised heel that is approximately 2 centimetres, and within it, excellent cushioning. In addition, there is a platform at the front of the shoe to ensure that there is no strain placed on the heel. This shoe also offers excellent arch support and also features shock absorption, making quick walking easy and comfortable. In addition, there is considerable space within the toe box, allowing for ease of movement, and preventing toes being pressed down or squashed. Check out the ratings for these shoes, and you will find that it passes with flying colours across the board. This shoe is available in black or brown.

Alegria Women’s Donna Clog

Nurses from everywhere love this shoe due to the level of comfort that it offers. What’s better is that it is available in a range of designs and colours, adding a fashionable touch to what is otherwise a serious shoe for nurses. The design of this clog is different from the ordinary. It features a leather upper, and has a t-strap design. There is also a buckle that is adjustable making it easier to attain a comfortable feet. As a nurse, once you slip on this shoe, you will not take it off again. The special attributes of this shoe include a removable footbed, and a leather insole that allows the foot to breathe. This shoe also offers support through a built-in arc, making it appropriate for people who have flat feet. It offers exceptional stability which helps with excellent posture.


Best Nursing Clogs

Most people associate clogs with being heavy shoes that offer minimal flexibility and are difficult to walk in. This is not the case when considering the best nursing clogs that are available on the market.

Dansko Ingrid

These are highly comfortable classic leather clogs ideal for use by a busy nurse. They are closed in the front and open at the back, being secured in place by a thick leather strap that buckles at the ankle. They feature a rubber sole which makes them slip-resistant. These clogs are ideal for people with large or wide feet, as they have a large toe bod. The thick heel helps with absorbing shock. All in all, they are a comfortable shoe to keep on.

Sanita Women’s Professional Celina Clog

These comfortable and popular nurse shoes have a variety of unique attributes that make them one of the top two nursing clogs available. To begin with they are closed both in the front and the back. They are made of leather, and are easy to clean. Currently they are available in the colour white. They have a heel that is around 1.75 inches in height. To balance out this height and ensure that there is no strain placed on the front of the foot, this shoe features a platform that is around 0.75 inches in height.

The Bottom Line

The only way you can make the right choice on which shoes to purchase is if you have the right information on what is available in the market. This review has provided you with the best options that you can make. Although most of these shoes are available at costs higher than your average walking shoe, they deliver a host of benefits which one cannot place a price on. These benefits include added comfortability, and most importantly, helping you to maintain your overall health, starting from your feet, extending toward your back and your whole being.

Whether you are male or female, you will find a nursing shoe from this list that will directly meet your needs. Take some time and go through this high quality selection. Make a purchase that will change the way you approach and experience your work. When you are wearing one of the best nursing shoes, you will no longer worry about the effectiveness of your work, as you will be fully focused on it.

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