Running is a valuable cardiovascular exercise that is accessible to anyone. Because of this, running is one of the most common exercises that people do to stay fit, lose weight, or improve their endurance for sports or other physical activities. As a result, it is expected that the demand for running shoes has increased in recent years.

With the increase in demand, the prices of these running shoes have also increased. The prices of these running shoes should not discourage anyone from pursuing running as an exercise, a sport, or a training method, as there are still a number of cheap running that are available in the market.

Whatever one’s reasons are for wanting to buy cheap running shoes, purchasing these shoes is always a practical move. We researched and compiled a list of high-quality and ergonomic running shoes that are sure to enhance the comfort, stability, and running performance of their wearer.

Onemix Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sport Running Shoes

The Onemix Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sport model of running shoes is proof that not all running shoes have to be expensive. At a very affordable price, these shoes provide the technologies and innovations that are essential for runners who want to experience a good run without spending too much on their running shoes.

The Onemix Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sport features a technology similar to that of Nike’s Airmax. This means the sole is made of a rubber material is filled with air. This is Air Cushion Sport. This feature gives a better cushion for the feet of runners because of the natural bounce that the Air Cushion provides, absorbing the shock of every stride.

The shoes are lightweight with flexibility and breathability that provides a more comfortable feel for the feet. The sole of these shoes are made of rubber allow a good grip while running.


The pros of this model include the following:

  • Very cheap compared to other brands of running shoes
  • Offers the same functionality of the latest running shoes
  • Composed of lightweight material
  • Breathable upper that provides more comfort
  • Flexible body to compensate with the stress of running as a physical activity
  • Every purchase comes with a free pair of high-quality socks
  • There are a lot of color options to choose from


Just like any other product, this model also has its disadvantages:

  • Durability is an issue due to the air cushion technology, which is vulnerable to getting punctured while running
  • Does not provide as much cushioning, support, or stability as other models of running shoe


The Onemix Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sport Running Shoes are the perfect shoes for runners who want to save money and try a new kind of running shoe. It is very inexpensive, yet the basic features and qualities that should be present in running shoes are still found in this model. It is simple an excellent choice for runners with a tight budget who still want a good run.

New Balance Men’s M980 Boracay Running Shoe

The New Balance Men’s M980 Boracay Running Shoe is a very impressive line of running shoes that offer a lot of incredible features and innovations that are useful for runners who want to experience the perfect run with the perfect shoes.

At a very cheap price, this simple and minimalist pair of shoes has a breathable and stretchable air-mesh upper for a good fit and a comfortable feel. It has the Ortholite insole, which is made up of a unique structure of open-cell material that helps eliminate moisture and sweat, reducing odor that is very common often-used running shoes.

The Ortholite insole of these shoes also provide a dry and cool environment for the feet that adds to the breathability of the New Balance Men’s M980 Boracay Running Shoe.


This model of New Balance running shoes has a number of good features which include:

  • A rubber sole that provides good traction during runs
  • Minimalist design that shows simplicity and elegance
  • A wide variety of options because of the many color options available
  • Reasonably priced
  • The upper of this shoe is stretchable and breathable
  • Ortholite insole that takes away moisture to stay dry, cool, and odor-free


The cons of this model include:

  • The tongue of the shoe has the tendency to curl inward when the foot is put into the shoe.
  • Durability issues, as the upper is not sown to the sole


The New Balance M980 Boracay Running Shoe is a great and affordable pair of running shoes. This shoe manages to stay affordable without losing any of its functionality provided by its innovative technologies.


The New Balance M980 Boracay Running Shoes are the best affordable running shoes on the market because of their quality and performance-enhancing technology that is not provided by other low-priced running shoes. This shoe is perfect for any runner, whether they be beginners or seasoned, and is a practical choice for anyone who wants to run while still sticking to their budget.

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