Running is commonly known to be one of the most effective cardio exercises there is. Men and women, young and old can run as an exercise to achieve health goals such as losing weight.

However, just like in any other physical activities, certain gears and accessories are needed to improve and enhance performance. The right gear can help a person achieve whatever goal he or she has set to accomplish.

In running, it is undeniable that the running shoes are the equipment which have the greatest impact on a runner’s performance, safety, and comfort. With these considerations in mind, we perused the market for the best running shoes for heavy runners available.

In determining which are the best running shoes for heavy runners, we took into account several factors such as comfort, weight, technology, and price. We think these are the most important considerations that a runner should look into before acquiring a pair of runners. This is intended to give a guide as to which is the most ideal pair of running shoes for heavy runners on the market.

Nike Air Zoom Odyssey Running Shoe

A model of running shoes that stands out is the Nike Air Zoom Odyssey. This pair of shoes is specially designed for running and contains several features that make it outstandingly appropriate for heavy runners.

Aesthetically speaking, the Nike Air Zoom Odyssey has several different colors available and carries the signature sleek and functional design of Nike. It features a Flymesh upper, which provides great ventilation for the feet and keeps them dry in the strenuous activity of running.

Aside from ventilation, the body of the Odyssey provides amazing control as it keeps feet on a neutral platform. This created by different densities of foam that run around sole section of the shoe from the heel part down to the toes. This supports the feet and making sure steps fall on a straight line and not too inward or outward which might cause injuries, especially for heavy runners.

In addition, the Nike Air Zoom Odyssey has Duralon rubber placed in the forefoot section of the shoe that aims to give additional cushioning that is perfect for heavy runners whose feet and legs are prone to more shock due to body weight. Independent bands by Flywire linked to the main shoe lace locks down the feet as the laces are tied and secured by the runner.

Interestingly, despite the support and stability provided by the Nike Air Zoom Odyssey, it still remains at 10.3 oz for the men’s model and 8.4 oz for women’s model. That being said, this is not as lightweight as other running shoes in the market.


A few great positive points of the Nike Air Zoom Odyssey include:

  • Proper ventilation provided by Flymesh upper
  • Duralon foam for increased cushion for the sole, crucial for heavy runners
  • Dual-density foam that surrounds the shoe in the midsole section for greater control and stability for every step during a run
  • Flywire technology for a more secure lockdown of the feet
  • Wide variety of options through several color ways
  • Reasonably priced and relatively cheaper than other running shoes


While there are a lot of pros for the Nike Air Zoom Odyssey, there are also a few cons which include:

  • Slightly heavier than other running shoes.
  • Less compact in design


The Nike Air Zoom Odyssey is a great pair of running shoes for heavy runners as it provides the much needed support and stability that are crucial for runners in order to prevent injury and any mishaps during running. Also, it provides comfort, breathability and a great amount of control that help runners have a great run and enhance their performance during running.

ASICS Men’s GEL DS Trainer 21 Running Shoe

The brand Asics is well-known for their running shoes. One of their latest models, the Asics Gel DS Trainer 21 is said to be one of the best running shoes for heavy runners because of the support and stability that it offers.

It boasts comfort that is brought about by the DuoMax Support System which features two density foams located in the sole of the shoes. It also has the Impact Guidance System or IGS technology, wherein the heel and the toes contain gel compounds that are placed to absorb impact, reduce shock and promote a better running motion.

The shoes also contain a sock liner as part of its seamless upper. This sock liner decreases odor and keeps the feet dry while running. The seamless upper of this model is also said to be an update from the previous model, the Asics Gel DS Trainer 20. This improvement increases the durability as well as the support technology provided by the shoes.


The Asics Gel DS Trainer 21 has good features and impressive characteristics such as:

  • Lighter at 9.1 oz for men and 7.7 oz for women
  • Has a seamless upper and sock liner to keep the feet dry and lessen the odor
  • DuoMax Support System designed to provide better support, ideal for heavy runners
  • The shoes can be worn without wearing socks because of the seamless upper and the sock liner technology


Some of the negative aspects of the Asics Gel DS Trainer 21 are:

  • Relatively more expensive than most running shoes
  • Limited options in the aesthetic aspect because it only has one color way
  • The shoes also have a narrow forefoot section that might cause a bit of discomfort to wider-footed runners.


The Asics Gel DS Trainer 21 is a revolutionary model and is considered to be one of the best running shoes for heavy runners. This is attributed to its design that provides better support and more stability. However, the price of this model is a bit expensive and may not be the most practical choice for some runners.


The best choice for heavy runners are the Nike Air Zoom Odyssey Running Shoes because of the overall design that provides the increased support and stability that are crucial for heavy runners. The shoes include several state of the art technologies such as the Flymesh, Flywire, and the dual-density foam and, they remain at a price that is more affordable than other brands. The Nike Air Zoom Odyssey can be considered the best running shoes for heavy runners because it provides greater control and sturdier support.

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