Are you one of the athletic types of person? Do you engage yourself in some healthy recreational activities? How do you feel about skates? There are several kinds of skating if you do not know.

There is ice skating, skate boarding, roller skating and more. The most ideal kind of skate is torn between skate boarding and roller skate. Why? Other than being a sport or a recreational activity, it can be used as a mode of transportation for short distance travel.

It can hasten walking-distance travel with ease and comfort that saves you time. You can easily elude city traffic especially during rush hours. It is a healthy athletic tool which you might want to consider engaging yourself. If you plan on doing so, then all you need to do is lookout, do some research and read some reviews about the best skating shoe.

One of the best sellers today is the Bladerunner Pro 80. It is the recent year’s most looked for recreational skate. The Bladerunner Pro 80 was made earlier this year, 2016. It is very affordable compared to other roller skates and it’s not cheaply made. Not only that the product is durable, it also provides comfort and stability to keep you in balance.


  • It is one of the latest roller skates in the market. Complete with high end materials which makes it strong and sturdy. It is durable, making it sure to last long than a regular roller skate.
  • The Bladerunner Pro 80 is best used as a recreational skate promoting fun and fitness. It is also a nice mode of transportation for short distance travel.
  • It uses traditional laces and a strap for a nice foot and skate grip. No matter how fast, rough or acrobatic you intend to use it, it won’t come off.
  • Each of the 4 pieces of wheels has an 80mm configuration or wheel size. The wheels are accurate with their sizes. It gives outstanding balance that maximizes speed and acceleration.
  • It is made of performance composite materials that make it strong and sturdy. It can absorb shock during landing and fall giving your feet less stress when you perform stunts.


  • The design is flawless and very sharp looking. You can feel that the fibers and the materials used to create the skate is high quality. It is very durable, strong and sturdy, a well-balanced skate that is light in its weight and light on the pocket.
  • It fits perfectly well to your foot regardless of your size. The traditional lace is perfect for a nice fit and can adjust to a wide range of foot size. It locks perfectly with the help of a strap right above the lace.
  • The wheels provide enough traction for the roller skates to move at a nice speed. It has no problem accelerating and decelerating. You have perfect control when speeding up or slowing down. The traction also gives you the stability you need to properly land during stunts and makes you stand firmly when you’re not moving.


  • The product is actually intended for men even thou some women have no problems fitting it. There is a difference with the size number between men and women. This product is sure to have been based on men.
  • The manufacturer seems to have focused entirely in the exterior part of the skate. Over prolonged use of the skate, your feet start to feel a little discomfort and strains.
  • This is ideal for just a casual skater. It won’t last long if used for competitive sports. Being in a competitive skate puts more strain, pressure and stress on the skates and it won’t last long if you use it roughly most of the time.


The Bladerunner Pro 80 is a remarkable skate. No wonder it has high rates over many reviews. Its quality is superb and of a higher level compared with other skates. It is considered to be the best skating shoe in the market. The composite materials and the fibers of the shoe is not poorly made and constructed. You can skate freely and with less worry that you will slide and fall down because the wheels got a very nice traction that enables you to ride smoothly through rough and slippery floors.

The skate is perfectly built to be durable so that it would make your money last longer than it supposed to. Not only that it is reasonable with its price but you can also save a lot of cab and train fairs if you resort to using this product as a means of transportation.

Possible Alternatives

As much as competitive sport, this product won’t benefit you that much. If you are looking for a much sturdier roller skate, there are other products that have much more features and have higher durability. Of course it comes at an expensive price. This product is very well and durable enough for a casual skating but never for a competitive skate. If you’re not a fan of this kind, there are also other types of skating you can engage yourself into such as ice skating and skate boarding.


This product definitely deserves high rates in its reviews. The design is very sharp and attractive in the eyes. You can actually say just by looking at it that it is not a low quality product. It is affordable compared to other skates but it can also give you an edge to be able to use it at least close to being a professional skate. That is possibly the reason that this product is top of the line and is considered to be the best skating shoe out in the market.

Having an inexpensive price doesn’t affect the durability and the quality of the product. Unlike with other affordable ones, you can easily buy it but at an expense that after a few times of using it, you’ll start to notice parts coming off or tearing down. The Bladerunner Pro 80 is truly a remarkable skate product.

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