There are different kinds of running sport you can get yourself into. There is adventure running, cross country running, fell running, marathon and the most exhausting and hard one, trail running.

Trail running is hiking over trails in mountainous terrain which makes it far more difficult and hard because the path you take is muddy, rocky, elevated and sometimes slippery. The effort and stamina that are burned is doubled because of the elevation set forth by the mountain pass.

Some consider trail running as their form of exercise rather than a competitive sport. It is actually a healthier habit that will make most of your muscles work out. If you intend to do so, then you better prepare your gear and your shoe because an ordinary shoe won’t work up the mountains.

You need to look for the best trail running shoe available to enable yourself to run efficiently and support your legs and feet away from injuries.

An ordinary shoe is more likely to get torn apart faster than a shoe intended for trail running. A great shoe that can sustain a run like that is the New Balance 510v3 Trail Running Shoe. It is design to withstand rocky, muddy or dusty terrains of the mountain.


  • The shoe has a variety of colors where you can choose from. No matter how dirty your shoes will get, it doesn’t change the fact that some people want a color that fits their personality. It is one of the most common ideals of shoes in the market. That is why they don’t usually manufacture a shoe with one specific color.
  • It is a combination of a leather and textile that is good to maintain air circulation and pressure inside the shoe. The air can pass through easily reducing tension, stress and pressure that could cause discomfort during the run.
  • The shoe is made with a memory top comfort insert. Every time you wear the shoe, it slowly molds itself with the shape of your foot and eventually matches the structure. It slides your foot smoothly through the shoe and fits perfectly, giving you great comfort.
  • It has synthetic soles which are ideal for a trail run. The rubber or synthetic soles are much lighter compared with leather ones. With the elevated mountainous trail, you wouldn’t want a heavy shoe.


  • The shoe is highly comfortable and does not impose any problem if you wear it for a long period of time. It supports your feet and legs well and protects them from certain injuries such as shin splints or strains.
  • It is made from high quality materials. It can sustain rough run through the woods, tall grass, sands, muds and rocks. The durability is remarkable. It is water resistant to keep you running comfortably through wet roads.
  • The AT Tread outsole makes it a perfect mountain trail running shoe. You can see by simply looking at the sole that it will maintain a firm grasp of the ground during your run. It creates the traction you need to maintain a stable and smooth run over different terrains in the mountain.


  • The size of the shoe is not indicated as to what country it was based but certainly, it is not in US size. It is also a trail shoe for men. It doesn’t fit in a woman’s feet that well. A lot of space is available inside making the shoe a bit loose if worn by a woman.
  • Its soles and the top part of the shoe slowly get torn apart if you use it for trails very often. The quality is great but extensive use will certainly destroy it in a short period of time.
  • The inside soles have a small vacant space or indention at the back of your heels. Even thou you are wearing it nice and tight, it gives you an uncomfortable feeling that it might come off. It can annoy you during your run and won’t be able to run efficiently.


The New Balance 510v3 Trail Running Shoe is amazing and easy on the pocket. The price is reasonable for the feature it gives but its concept of giving you the opportunity to experience the satisfaction from running with nice shoes on mountainous trails is very promising.

It is not built for extensive trail running over the mountains but it is quite good and would last long for casual trail runners. It promotes air circulation inside the shoe. Your feet won’t feel oxygen deprivation because the top and the inside parts of the shoe is made from a good combination of leather and textile.

The memory top is also one of the great features this shoe offers. You won’t have a hard time wearing it and taking it off. It molds itself perfectly to the shape of your feet and holds to them nicely.

Possible Alternatives

This product won’t probably rate well with women because its design is based on a man’s foot-works.

If you are a woman and you find this shoe not applicable to you, then there are so many best trail running shoe out there you can look for like this Salomon Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe which comes neck to neck with the New Balance 510v3. The price is almost the same making them both affordable.

For non-casual trail runners or for some who trail runs for competitive sports, then you can look for other branded products with the right features to fulfill the purpose you are looking for but it is surely an expensive shoe because it can withstand extensive runs.


To summarise the pros and cons and the expensiveness of the product, I’d certainly say that the New Balance 510v3 can be considered one of the best trail running shoe available in the market. The experience you’ll have with the level of comfort, effectiveness and functionality of the shoes are amazing. Also, New Balance is a company well known to produce quality shoes. It is also considered to be one of the world’s largest and major footwear manufacturers.

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