People engage on different kind of outdoor recreational or sport activities to keep their body stay healthy and at shape. If you are good in ball handling, you can choose to do basketball or if you have a good running stamina then you can do marathon, sprints or jog. It all depends on the person. Some have the skills to lift themselves up and engage on wall, rock or tree climbing.

Maybe you are wondering why tree climbing was included in the list of recreational activities. Tree climbing is one of the best ways to work out your body. It is an outdoor activity that involves the person to ascend and move around the crown of the tree. It is a great way to slowly face your fear of heights and your fear of falling. Now, it’s not that hard to climb up a tree but for sure it is not also that easy.

You need shoes, gears such as spikes, ropes and locks to free yourself from possible accidents. The shoe on the other hand needs to be given extra consideration because your feet will do most of the work up and down the tree. That is why you need to find yourself the best tree climbing shoes there is in the market like this La Sportiva Tarantulace Climbing Shoe.


  • The shoe sole is made of durable FriXion RS rubber for long lasting use, durability and great friction. Friction is very important when it comes to tree climbing because that will be the one responsible for you to hold on to your feet and climb up.
  • It is easy to wear because of the quick pull lacing harness that gives your feet the right snug and the precise fit.
  • The shoe greatly reduces moisture to maintain the friction and stability.
  • It is made of a special kind of leather where it does not only promote friction but also gives softness that makes it very comfortable to wear. Leather also goes for timeless. It does not easily wear off and is hard to tear.
  • It is an all-around performing climbing shoe that has all the necessary features for your climb.


  • The shoe is narrow. Climbing shoes do not need to be wide because you need it to be steady and firm. A wide climbing shoe will tip you off your balance and will cause you to lose your grip.
  • It is the best shoe for starter level and intermediate level climbers. You do not need to familiarize the grip of the shoe. It will do adjustments for you.
  • The shoe is on a very reasonable price but is of the best quality. It is sure to last longer than normal climbing shoe. The leather won’t tear off that easily and it is designed for extensive use.
  • It can be a climbing shoe for outdoor tree and rock climbing and also for indoor wall climbing. It has many climbing uses, not just specific to tree.
  • The insoles are very comfortable. The light weight shoe and the comfort it gives on your feet makes you feel as thou you aren’t wearing them at all.


  • You can’t wear socks on them or if you do, use can try sole socks but make sure that the socks are thin. The shoe is very narrow so you have to eliminate the socks. The downside is that after a long day of climbing and sweat, the shoe will have bad smell in it if you don’t spray it with disinfectant.
  • The shoe doesn’t have any specifics to where the sizes was based or measured. An American size 10 won’t fit well with a size 10 La Sportiva Tarantulace Climbing Shoe.
  • Denseness caused by the rubber gives you that uncertain feeling. It makes you think too much about that uncertainty that you might lose your focus and causing you your balance. But this is depending on the person using it.
  • Putting too much pressure on your climb makes the tip of the shoe bend. The specialized rubber in that area seems to be a little thin that it’s supposed to.


This is a climbing shoe that has so many climbing applications compared to other climbing shoe that is only specific to rock, tree or wall. It has so many positive reviews and has high rates. It can be considered as the best tree climbing shoes.

The narrow design of the shoe makes it light and comfortable, eliminating the feeling of uneasiness and discomfort. It makes you feel as if the shoe and your foot are one.

The specialized rubber on the sole creates a nice grip, a traction you won’t have compared to other products. The top part is made of leather that does not easily decompose, tear or Most of what you look for a climbing shoe is packed into this amazing product all for an affordable and reasonable price.

Possible Alternatives

The shoe is built to be narrow. If you have wide feet and can’t fit yourself into this product, then you can resort to just using a work boots or and rubber shoes. There are products that act as an add-on to support any shoe. It is placed on the sole of the shoe and has separate lace that enables you to lock it at the back part of your heels. That add-on can either be a spike that goes through the tree every time you take a step to ascend or a specialized rubber that gives you the traction you need.


Given the price of the climbing shoe or the price that the manufacturer set, it can be said that it would be a very nice purchase. Considering the advantages and the features it offers you, it can be classified to be one of the best tree climbing shoes in the market. The La Sportiva Tarantulace is remarkable. You will totally see your money’s worth because it is durable enough to last long. It is best for starter and intermediate level climbing.

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